Scraphappy Cap

$ 30.00

A new National Picnic scrap hat. They are limited to quantities that other projects' scraps make possible. 

This hat is an average women’s head size, with stretch to go over most heads. "On head" photo should appear soon, this hat is hot off the machine!

If you think wool or acrylic hats are itchy, try a hat that isn't either! This is thick, soft sweater fleece. It has a sweater texture on the outside and a fleeced inside. This fabric is used to make the brand's popular Sweatshirt dresses. 

After some testing on several heads, this hat size was found to be suitable for the average ladies’ head size. There is no spandex content, so it will adjust to your head with wear. If one person wears it a lot, it kinda becomes a nice broken-in fit for the head that wears it.

80% cotton 20% poly

Hand wash COLD and dry flat. Do not put in the dryer. 
Made in the USA of imported fabric.

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