Find your size

Looking to SEARCH for your size? Tips:


Clothing sewn in small batches can vanish fast.

Look for the "Size" pull down menu toward the top of a collection page (click here to try, it does not appear on the home page). It will display what's still left in your size. (Sorry, this sorting feature does not currently appear on mobile phone versions.)  

If an item says "unavailable" and you're sure you filtered for size, there could be another color in that listing in your size. Try selecting another offered color.

Need help determining what size will fit?

Use this chart below as a reference. It is the typical BODY measurements (not the garment measurements) each size will fit. You can take a tape measure and measure your body to compare to the chart.

National Picnic measurement guide:

XS: Bust 33-34, Waist 26-28, Hip 36-37
S: Bust 35-36, Waist 28-30, Hip 38-39
M: Bust 37-38, Waist 30-33, Hip 40-42
L: Bust 40-42, Waist 33-36, Hip 43-44
XL: Bust 43-44, Waist 37-39, Hip 45-46
1X: Bust 44-47, Waist 38 - 39, Hip 46-49
2X: Bust 48-51, Waist 42 - 43, Hip 50-53
3X: Bust 52-54, Waist 46 - 49, Hip 54-57

If you can't get your hands on a measuring tape, keep in mind National Picnic sews clothing for women. If you are used to buying teen/juniors brand clothing, or prefer your clothing to fit snugly, you may think it runs a bit large.

The following can serve as a guide, compare to other brands of women's clothing in your closet:

Extra Small = Fits sizes 0-4
Small = Fits sizes 6-8
Medium = Fits sizes 10-12
Large = Fits size 14
Extra Large = Fits size 16
1X = Fits size 18
2X = Fits sizes 20-22
3X =Fits sizes 24-26

When in doubt, just ask. We've been known to measure garment details by request, to ensure fit. This site is maintained by real people wanting to give you personal attention. : )