YES, we sell wholesale.

In fact, we LOVE wholesale.

Offer your customers indie-made items with exclusive appeal. We produce collections of items that can be sewn in larger quantity when ordered ahead of season. Once in season, immediates are typically sewn to order with a 4 week turnaround time. 

Let us know how you heard of National Picnic, email for current line sheets.

SALES REP/SHOWROOM: Cabana Reps of Portland, Oregon represents National Picnic, carries  samples of our wholesale line in their showroom, and (super valuable insider info here>>>) personally services accounts with updates about limited and new releases. Please contact Alisa Sloan if you already have a National Picnic or Cabana Reps account or are interested in making an appointment.

Want to ORDER FROM THE SITE itself? The most limited items won't be in the line sheets. Email which styles you are interested in, we quote a standard wholesale discount. Many of the website's items exist in very small quantities, but we've been pleased to find out that some buyers dig that, so please ask.

HELP: Confused by any of this? Simply email your wishes and we'll assist you promptly. 
Phone: 856-883-9083

Wholesale is for qualified boutiques and resellers.