Designed in, made in, and shipped from New Jersey, USA.

Making to order is the heart of this brand, for customers who appreciate the time and attention put into each garment. That's why it may take about a week—to sew your order just for you. 

Good things take time—it feels good to know most of what gets made is headed to someone in particular. Like you :)

Making clothing in the studio
The clothing is made in atelier (in the studio workshop). This way of working isn't going to dress the masses, but that's not the point. It allows for more unique and special pieces for National Picnic's fans, and ensures the high quality they expect.
Tee Shirt being pieced together

The way National Picnic makes clothing allows YOU some choices, such as selecting a neckline shape, that might even result in a one-of-a-kind piece.

It's a delight to be shipping to places all over the country! 


It's my pleasure to make online shopping with National Picnic as personal as your own neighborhood boutique. Thanks!

Betsy Cook
Owner/Designer, National Picnic

Designer Betsy Cook