The Fifth Move

National Picnic goes 100% online on Black Friday, November 27.

At the end of November, the brick and mortar's lease comes to an end, and I'm not renewing. It is a very deliberate decision I made to steer my business through a deeply altered retail landscape that I expect to persist into the near future.

We've been selling online since 2011. Since April, 92% of business has been coming from the website. I feel good about that.

As the designer/maker, I loved my "studio boutique"—but the pandemic forces me to examine where my budget is best spent. My online shop has so much going for it, but there are many improvements I'd like to make. 

I've been bolstered by the way everyone adapts when visits are not an option. I have rewarding interactions with people I have never met, all across the country—emails, yes—but they are no less personal than conversations with people that walk into my shop. 

Changes won't delay orders. If you just discovered National Picnic, you may not know that this is the fifth time I've moved since 2011! Unlike, say, a restaurant that installs bars and industrial kitchens, moving sewing machines from one place to the next can happen in a day. They can be up and running as soon as they are plugged in again. 

This scrappy, resourceful pandemic-surviving business is still here for you. I have made enough good decisions to counter the uncertainty so far, and I feel hopeful I can make more.

2021 will have more of simply sharing what we do best: making clothing to order for the people that want it. My staff and I will work hard to make the experience sincere and enjoyable for you.

P.S. Locals:

If you're in the neighborhood, and want to get in a visit before 417 North Haddon Ave. closes for good, I'll be keeping hours 11-5 Monday - Friday until at least the end of October.  I'm there many other hours as well, so it's open by chance and appointment like always. Weekends will be spent preparing the future workspace, so please consider an appointment to avoid disappointment :)



  • Maureen C. Zug

    I am so pleased that you have found a way to adapt during this difficult time, Betsy! My two new long sleeve tops have arrived today and my National Picnic collection continues to grow. I really appreciate the comfort, versatility, and durability of your styles. I always feel pulled together and cosy when wearing my National Picnic shirts. Good luck during your move! I cannot wait to see more of your original creations…

  • Harriet

    Wishing you good luck in next steps and I will continue to follow you online!

  • Karen Brooks

    Betsy, I am so glad I found you and National Picnic. The clothing if top notch , so cute, and fits well. I wish you all a successful transition. I try to remember that old saying " change is the only constant" Karen.

  • Jill Shaffer

    I love your clothes and have have been supporting you since the start :) Look forward to where the rest of 2020 and 2021 takes you.

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